To all you white people out there. I know it’s hard to come to grips, and admit that you are threatened by Black women. You see, you think that the ball is in your court, but whats really going on is that we as an african american nation scare you, and threaten you. This is why we always see 99% white people on tv and maybe 5% black. And this is why all of your stores are filled with magazines with white women on the cover and 1 black. I’m not surprised that you feel this way because from day 1 you had and agenda. So keep crying losers because we do exist, and will always exist. Cry all you want, stomp and shout because you know, you hillbilly goats can’t do anything about. And I’m sorry that you don’t have a white president but don’t worry maybe next time losers. 

One response to “Y U HATE US SO MUCH

  1. Yes, they try so hard. But they can never be “us”

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