White Dogs

White hoes try so dam hard to be black, but just face it, it will never exist. No matter how hard, how many times u spread ya legs how many black babies you try to have, you will never take a place of a black women. We don’t have to get spray tanned our color never comes off,and as a matter of fact BLACK DON’T CRACK Bitch. So you can try all you want to talk to the scum bag black men that date white trash. Cause like I said they scum like you white trash. We all know that you go up to them and ask for their number,cause you tired of being a square and you don’t have and identity. So so so very very sad, But overall we got you and you will never, and don’t know how to be a black women. Non twerking lip injecting but implant having no identity bearing square cave forming square. Now y u wait all these years to try and be like us ???


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